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2024 Atlanta Bonsai Society Spring Show

The Atlanta Bonsai Society put on its spring show the weekend of March 16-17 at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. It was a great weekend, and I was really proud of my entries this time!
I had three displays in the show this year:

Award Winners

Best in Show

Japanese Black Pine

Japanese black pine Best in Show award

Best Deciduous Bonsai



Best Chuhin (Medium-Sized) Bonsai

Trident Maple

Trident maple Best Chuhin Bonsai award

Best Shohin (Small-Sized) Display

Chokeberry, Japanese Black Pine, Chojubai Japanese Quince, Crabapple, Trident Maple

Shohin display with chokeberry, Japanese black pine, chojubai Japanese quince, crabapple, and trident maple Best Shohin Display award

Best Suiseki (Viewing Stone) Display

Saga River Stone

Suiseki - Saga River stone Best Suiseki award

Intermediate First Place

Chinese Elm

Chinese elm Intermediate First Place award

Intermediate Honorable Mention

Kingsville Boxwood

Kingsville boxwood Intermediate Honorable Mention award

Novice First Place

Hinoki Cypress, Chojubai Japanese Quince, Dwarf Wisteria

Shohin display - Hinoki cypress, chojubai Japanese quince, and dwarf wisteria Novice First Place award

Novice Honorable Mention

Trident Maple

Trident maple

Expert Trees

Japanese white pineSatsuki azalea

Japanese white pine Japanese white pine

Trident maple

Trident maple

Japanese black pine Japanese black pine

Three point display - zelkova, Hong Kong kumquat, and Japanese lilac Hong Kong kumquat Japanese lilac Hong Kong kumquat and scroll Zelkova

Three point display - mulberry and Harland boxwood Mulberry Harland boxwood

Japanese black pine Japanese black pine Chojubai Japanese quince

Korean hornbeam forest

Shohin Display - spindle tree, barberry, trident maple, shimpaku juniper, privet Barberry Triden t maple Shimpaku juniper Privet

Shohin display - chokeberry, Japanese black pine, crabapple, chojubai Japanese quince, and trident maple Chokeberry Japanese black pine
Crabapple Chojubai Japanese quince Trident Maple Chokeberry with scroll

Intermediate Trees

American hornbeam forest

Chinese elm

Common boxwood Common boxwood

Cork bark Japanese black pine

Garden juniper

Garden juniper

Hinoki cypress

Japanese black pine

Japanese maple

Japanese maple

Japanese white pine

Kingsville boxwood

Parson's juniper

Rough bark Japanese white pine

Satsuki azalea

Shimpaku juniper

Chinese elm

Shohin display - Japanese larch, satsuki azalea

Shohin display - hinoki Cypress and Hokkaido Chinese elm

Willow leaf ficus

Tiger bark ficus

Trident maple

Trident maple

Trident maple forest

Novice Trees


Coral bark Japanese maple

Karume azalea

Trident maple

Shohin display - hinoki cypress, chojubai Japanese quince, and dwarf wisteria

Shimpaku juniper


Kanagawa stone Kanagawa stone and scroll

Married stones

Saga River stone Saga River stone