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I'm back online!

So after a month of downtime and general laziness, I have my blog running again.

Somehow I managed to corrupt my Raspberry Pi's SD card when I picked it up taking a picture of my setup. I guess the card moved in the slot during a write, because it went unresponsive, and I couldn't even get it to boot.

After three tries formatting and imaging Raspbian on it, I tried a new SD card. Worked like a charm!

I'll be tinkering away on this thing the next couple of weeks to restore my IRC server and whatnot. I'll probably try compiling AssPennies (a silly crypto-currency I helped create) on it, so expect a write-up if that goes well.

Here's the "oh crap I broke my website" page I had up, just for fun and posterity:

oh god how did this get here
i am not good with computer

Somehow I managed to corrupt the SD card on my Raspberry Pi, and my blog is down in the meantime.

Im working on getting it back online, but I'll likely be distracted with Arduino for the next several days.

Reconfiguring and restoring a server just isn't what I really want to be doing after work.