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Wife Looks On Helplessly As Husband Talks About Another Arduino Project

The text of this post was blatantly stolen from the Onion:
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Decatur, GA — Paralyzed with dread as she began to recognize the topic of conversation, a local housewife reportedly looked on helplessly Friday as husband Matt Hughes droned on about yet another Arduino project idea.

“It took me a second or two to realize that Matt had started talking about electronics again, but by the time I put it together there was nothing I could do to stop him,” said Hughes's wife, who had no choice but to nod during several-minutes-long monologue.

“It was really difficult to keep listening, especially because I have no idea what in the world he is talking about. I've tried hinting that I just do not care about technical details, but unfortunately it was beyond my control. I couldn’t do anything.”

Hughes's wife told reporters she ultimately decided to just sit through it since he wasn't going to shut up anyway.