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A bit of fall bonsai repotting

I've really been wanting to get some of my pre-bonsai trees into some nice display pots, and I decided to repot a couple of them this season, instead of waiting until the spring. I hope I didn't push my luck too much!

Juniper (possibly a Sargent's)

I bought this juniper about 18 months ago from a Home Depot for only $8 or so. It was marked as a Sargent's juniper, and I picked it up in the hopes that it would be similar to a shimpaku. It's kept the needle foliage instead of the shimpaku-style scale foliage, but I think it's developed pretty nicely. I removed the trunk wiring from it a few months ago, and I'm planning to wire the finer branches in the spring.

Juniper bonsai in training pot

Juniper bonsai in training pot

Raking out juniper bonsai roots

Juniper bonsai that is too big for its intended pot

Juniper bonsai in an appropriately-sized pot

Preparing a bonsai pot for its tree

Juniper bonsai in pot

Colorado Blue Spruce

I bought this Colorado blue spruce from Home Depot at the end of the spring, and got it for around $5. There was a 50% off sale on them, I think because they were leftover Christmas trees from the previous winter. This spruce has two trunks; I'm planning on chopping most of the length off of the thicker trunk, and wiring the second trunk down to a semi-cascade. I'll be waiting until spring to do any more work on it.

I didn't notice until I was raking the roots out, but this tree has a fantastic nebari!

Colorado blue spruce in nursery pot

Raking out Colorado blue spruce roots

Colorado blue spruce nebari

Preparing a cascade-style bonsai pot for its tree

Colorado blue spruce bonsai being wired into its pot

Colorado blue spruce bonsai in pot

Colorado blue spruce semi-cascade bonsai design