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Building a Global Bucket planter for my ghost peppers

Now that it's cooling down, I need to repot and bring my ghost pepper plant inside... a perfect excuse to finally build a Global Bucket! I first read about Global Buckets several years ago, and I've been wanting to try one out for a while.

On top of being a useful design, the Global Bucket project is really impressive. A couple of high schoolers took the idea of EarthBox planters, and redesigned it to use cheap, locally sourced materials. I wish I had done something this useful with my time when I was their age!

Their original design uses two 5-gallon buckets, a plastic cup or yogurt container, and a 2' length of PVC pipe. I decided to use one of their newer designs, using only one bucket, a colander, and some pipe. This kept me from having to spend $15+ on a hole saw bit for the inner bucket.

All in all, this planter only cost me about $6:

  • Pickle bucket from Firehouse Subs: $2
  • PVC pipe: $2
  • Flex pipe: $1
  • Plastic colander: $1

It took less than half an hour to build this, and would have taken even less time without trying to take pictures in the dark. Here's the build process!

Colander for a Global Bucket

Modifying a colander for a Global Bucket

Test fitting colander in the Global Bucket

PVC watering pipe added to Global Bucket

Measuring drainage holes for Global Bucket

Drainage tubing in place for Global Bucket

Global Bucket ready for soil and a plant

Adding potting soil to Global Bucket

Ghost pepper plant in Global Bucket